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Encourage Sunday School Teachers in Laos

This year was the first time Sunday school teachers from the Hmong tribe in Laos used the manual they put together to teach children in their village about the gospel.

They had been working on the Sunday school manual for three years, and this January it was finally completed and ready to be shared. Full of colourful illustrations, songs they wrote, games and culturally relevant lessons–hearing about Jesus will be easier than ever for the Hmong children.

You can write to encourage these patient and dedicated believers as they finally get the see the fruit of their hard labour. 

Please send cards and letters by 31st August to PO Box 51236 Tawa, Wellington 5249, New Zealand

Laos 2015 0310105358

Prayer Points

Please Pray

– Pray that many children will hear and understand the word of God and commit their lives to the Lord.

– Pray that these Sunday school teachers will not tire from doing good and serving Jesus.

– Pray for protection as children and families meet together on a Sunday to worship and learn about God.

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Writing Guidelines

  • Print clearly in English
  • Be brief and encouraging
  • Include 1–2 Bible verses
  • Provide your name and country (not your full address)
  • It is best to send greeting cards, artwork from children and postcards (send postcards in an envelope, do not write Open Doors' address on the postcard)
  • Please don't mention Open Doors
  • Don't send money
  • Please don't criticise a country or make proposals to help


"I am so happy because I know that I am not alone and that other believers out there are praying for me."
- Mercy James, Nigeria

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