"If we understood the potential power of our prayers, we would be on our knees a hundred times a day asking Him for things that would turn the world upside-down." - Brother Andrew

Pray With Us

Prayer Updates

Every two months we publish our Prayer Guide alongside our Frontline Faith Magazine. We also send a weekly Prayer Watch with a story from the field and prayer requests.

Prayer Groups

We provide resources for a number of groups around New Zealand who pray regularly for the persecuted church. You can join a group, or start your own, and we will send you resources every 3 months.

Prayer Events

Our two main prayer events are A Dedicated Faith and International Day of Prayer. They're part of our fundraising events, but with a focus on prayer. We provide resources for you to run these events in your church and small groups.

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A Dedicated Faith

27 May - 25 June 2017

A Dedicated Faith is a Christian response to Ramadan. As Muslims all over the world celebrate the month of Ramadan, they dedicate themselves to fasting, prayer and seeking forgiveness. So what happens when people who spend a lifetime seeking god, actually find Him?

Through A Dedicated Faith, you can raise prayer and funds to grow the church in the Muslim world.


Prayer Groups

Praying with others is a powerful way to bring about change for persecuted Christians and spiritual breakthroughs in nations that deny Christ. You can start small, with a friend or someone in your church community, by meeting and praying together. To start your own group please email or call us on (04) 232 7055.

Requests From The Field

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